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📚 Books

📝 Articles

Frameworks & tools

📝 Product specs

  1. My personal spec template— How I started projects at Picnic
  2. Intercom’s story template — Simple, but powerful!
  3. Figma’s PRD template — Plug-and-play template from one of the best in game

💎 Strategy

  1. Lenny’s business strategy template
  2. Amazon working backwards PR template by Ian McAllister
  3. How to define your product strategy by Gibson Biddle

🔮 Vision

  1. Product Vision FAQ by Marty Cagan
  2. Building a shared team vision by Google

👌 Other templates

  1. Roadmap template
  2. Performance review template
  3. Planning timeline template

🙌 More good stuff

  1. Mental Models
  2. “Jobs to Be Done” framework
  3. We Don’t Sell Saddles Here
  4. The Pyramid Principle
  5. How we make decisions at Coinbase



Marty Cagan


Eric Ries


Product Twitter

Lots of people you could follow, but focus on these few and your good!👇